IoT End of Line Tester (IoT_EoLT)

IoT products differ from non-connected products because although they are mass produced each one is unique. To create that unique aspect every IoT product is christened.

As IoT products are manufactured and move toward the end the production a number of final checks and processes occur such as:

  • Electrical safety compliance testing
  • Product performance testing and calibration
  • IoT unique details christening
  • Label printing
  • Item report upload to IoT system
  • EyeSpyFX IoT End of Line Tester system carries out these processes.

    EyeSpyFX IoT End of Line Testers are custom built to suit the specific production requirements for a specific environment and SKU. Testers vary in their physical manifestation from line to line.

    Testers also vary in functional behaviour from line to line. Common operations include:

  • Loading an appropriate test script using a bar code scan
  • Completion of electrical safety tests
  • Establish communications with Appliance under Test via wifi, LAN, Bluetooth, RF, UART
  • Optical Character Recognition on LCD screens
  • Component placement camera tests
  • Completion of product performance tests and calibration
  • Christening operations including encrypted IoT identity keys
  • Serialisation of products
  • Print label with QR code
  • Integration with PLC to allow for full automation of drive in/out of tester cell. (Via IPIO)
  • Full reporting and upload to IoT cloud system
  • Live productivity counting and QA inspection using BCM
  • EyeSpyFX

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