EyeSpyFX library for reading H264 Video.

For Network Camera and VMS Manufacturers who need to build a Mobile Solution SFX100 is a library of code that enables iOS and Android apps to be built that decode and display MJPEG, H264 video using RTSP over TCP, RTSP over HTTP and RTSP over HTTPS. It is ideal for building apps that connect to Network Video Recorders.

Unlike bulky Open Source projects such as ffMPEG, Live555 and VLC, published under GPL or LGPL, SFX100 is a proprietary library available under licence that is ready for immediate and efficient deployment in commercial mobile projects.

SFX100 is optimised for Security Camera Video applications uniquely offering a secure layer for streaming RTSP tunneled over HTTPS.

SFX100 is exemplified in American Dynamics Video Edge Go and many other top brand security camera apps.

Key Features
  • Secure layer for streaming RTSP tunneled over HTTPS.
  • Per project commercial licence.
  • Optimised code for security camera video types.
  • iOS and Android libraries available.
  • Reads RTSP streams and provides mechanism to pass to phone based native decoders.
  • Supports mid stream changes to stream type and resolution details.
  • Efficient opening and closing of streams enables a range of highly responsive UI effects.
  • Multithread architecture enables greater number of simultaneous streams to be displayed.
  • Compatible with IPv6.
  • Contact us on info@eyespyfx.com for further information about how SFX100 can be deployed in mobile apps.


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